How Secure Your Crypto Life, Avoid Scams & Protect Your Crypto Assets

How Secure Your Crypto Life, Avoid Scams & Protect Your Crypto Assets

various ways to secure your life from password managers, seed phrase storage ideas, password strength recommendations and two factor authentication. I also go through what some of these scams look like from fake giveaway websites and YouTube videos, fake advertising and fake websites and liquidity dumping scams that many fall for.
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Celebrities that Love Cryptocurrency

Here are 11 Celebrities who have expressed interest in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies over the years. Kevin L. Walker The Vigilante Diaries action star has always been known as one of his generations most influential entrepreneurs. He has actively mentioned cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Ripple, Tron, and Cardamon on twitter, and accepts cryptocurrency as a […]

Japanese App Provider Line Corp to Launch Cryptocurrency Services

The provider of a popular messaging app in Japan, Line Corporation, has announced the launch of a new company that will provide digital currency services. The new company, dubbed Line Financial Corporation, will provide a platform to transact and exchange digital currencies, insurance and loans, a company release states. In a move intended to build its position […]

Cryptocurrency Debit Card Aims to Harnesses AI to Let User Spend/Use their Cryptocurrency

The increasing ability to pay for products and services using cryptocurrency debit cards is a physical representation of the rise in crypto popularity. However, they are still relatively rare and at times complex; with so many cryptocurrencies available in conjunction with market volatility, it can be difficult for traders to know how best to utilize […]

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