Bytecoin Releases BETA of ‘High Load Resistance’

The Bytecoin team has released an update.

In their own words:


Hello Dear Community!

We wish to share with you the planned Release of the High Load Resistance! It is here and today we are happy to announce our Beta version! This update will provide some key improvements to help with any future network congestion or lost transactions as well as many more enhancements to make the system more reliable for our users. The main points of the release will focus on:

  • Improvements in the walletd cache and bytecoind database
  • Introduction of a payment queue to persist transactions in case of high load, and send once the high load period ends.
  • Downloader improvements which result in shorter sync times.
  • Security improvements (hidden terminal input)
  • Better error handling in RPC API

For the full list of changes please read more here.

We want to be more transparent and open with our users which is why we are welcoming anyone from our community to check out the new software and give us feedback over the next few days. We will launch the stable version within 10 business days.

All the best,

The Bytecoin Team


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