Cardano 1.4 Update and ‘End of 2018 Update’ from Charles Hoskinson

There is a lot of interesting stuff going on in Cardano right now and although ADA prices are taking a hit, we cannot discount the excellent job they are doing as far as on chain development is concerned. To begin, they caught the attention of the blockchain community when they launched two smart contracting tools last week. These two—Plutus and Marlowe, were rigorously built tested before launch.

Plutus and Marlowe would come in handy and enable companies to easily write and simulate smart contracts right on top of the Cardano blockchain before deployment.

Two days later, Charles Hoskinson (the co-founder and head of IOHK) said the team is ready to launch Cardano 1.4 update on Dec 18 after a “huge amount of QA work.”

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He then followed up with a very well put together and informative Video to for ‘End of Year’ update for the Cardano community (see below!). The Cardano project seems to have only gained more momentum with the release of it’s debit cards in South Korea, the restructuring of thee Cardano Foundation, and this 1.4 release. Additionally, they are on the list of coins coinbase is considering adding to their platform, and in the video below, Hoskinson discusses Ledger support and more exciting Cardano news.

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