Robin Hood Posts Official List of Cryptocurrency COINS Absent ANY TOKENS

Robin Hood recent made headlines announcing to the world that they will allow their users to buy and sell cryptocurrency on their platform coming this February. Users were able to immediately start inviting their friends and family, for the opportunity to get moved up on the list, and possibly receive a free stock. Users were able to search for cryptocurrency coins via the Robin Hood application. The top was highly discussed across social media, and even mentioned by hollywood celebrities.

As of today, Robin Hood has posted an official list, stating: “These are the cryptocurrencies availble on Robinhood.” With this clear indication of which cryptocurrency coins they will be adding to their exchange, only time and opportunity will determine what happens next. One very interesting thing we noticed is…

There are no tokens are on RobinHood’s list. Only coins.


What do you think? Will there only be coins added to Robinhood? Are you excited about the coming change? Comment your thoughts below!

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