Tron (TRX) CEO Says Cryptocurrency Will Have Privacy Feature

Tron (TRX) will soon adopt the same privacy features that power the peer-to-peer cryptocurrency Zcash, says founder and CEO Justin Sun.

In a new interview on the Bad Crypto Podcast, Sun says privacy is an important feature that will be added to the Tron network early next year. Upgrades will allow users to decide whether they want to be anonymous for a given transaction.

“I think privacy is also important for the network. So that’s why I think next year, Q1, we will adopt the zk-SNARKs into our network. So zero-knowledge proof into our network.


This is how we can improve the privacy of the whole network. So in the future, if you want to have private transactions and a private address, we can also make sure nobody — if you use the address — that nobody can see you. The transaction can be untraceable. We provide a different solution, and depending on your preference, you can choose the different one.”

Zero-knowledge proof is essentially a mathematical method of proving a transaction is valid without having to reveal crucial data about that transaction.

According to Sun, the new feature will be officially unveiled in an updated roadmap that will be released before the end of the year.

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